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Librex Club

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Become a member of the Librex Club


  • 10% discount from the retail price in all Librex bookstores
  • we don’t require any minimum purchase
  • free internet in the Librex House of Books on computers reserved for members
  • can be used together with your credit card


  • discount does not apply to gift card purchases or to the purchases of newspapers, magazines, films and photo services

How can you get a Librex Club card?

It’s simple! If you are older than 15, fill out the application and submit it together with a yearly fee of 200,- Kč at any Librex bookstore.
If you have any questions, please contact the membership card department at +420 596 621 194, fax: +420 696 621 184, or via e-mail: librex@librex.eu. We will send you a Librex Club card within 2-3 weeks.

Terms and conditions for receiving a Librex Club card:

  • yearly membership fee is 200,- Kč with each new request
  • yearly discount entitlement is 10 %, for each subsequent year + 2,5% up to 15%
  • expiration date: one year from the day on which the card was issued
  • discounts apply only after showing your Librex Club card
  • The Librex company reserves the right to cancel or change the discount benefits as well as other conditions without prior notification
  • nontransferable - the Librex Club card is not transferable and its owner must provide proof of identity upon request.
  • lost or stolen card: please inform the membership card department in writing so that we can reimburse the 30,- Kč fee to you
  • membership: if you don’t renew your membership within one month of its expiration, you will cease to be a Librex Club member. In this case, you must submit a new membership request.